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10 Pieces / Pack Of KN95=N95=KF94=FFP2 ,4-layer Air Filter Respiratory Protective Face Masks


1. KN95 Breathing Protective Mask.

2. Protection Class: KN95=N95=FFP2

3. Non-oily particulate filtering effect > 97%, 4-layer filtration system, nano-layer filtration.

4. Closer to the face for tighter protection.

5. Soft and flexible breathable, ideal for Sensitive skin allergy.

6. Meet your different needs, whether you are running, running, city driving, house cleaning or outdoor activities, you will be the best for your health.

7. Using Anti-pollution Mask reduces the risk of inhalation of harmful gases such as odors, pollen, smoke, dust and other harmful particles for hospitals, schools, travel, cleaning, painting, construction, outdoor activities.


Type: KN95 Breathing Protective Mask

Material: High efficiency filter material

Color: White

Wearing way: ear-Wearing

Function: Anti-foaming Splash Proof, dustproof, anti-haze, anti-pollen, anti tail gas, etc.

Quantity: 10mask

Package Included:

10pcs x Mask